Getting caught up part 2: Second Weapons

So the second thing that has been implemented for a while, but I didn’t post about was the secondary weapons.

Since the beginning of the game, the team really wanted to focus on something similar to Team Fortress 2’s weapon economy: where a weapon isn’t a straight upgrade, but rather, a change in playstyle. As such, this has been a key design philosophy that we’ve stuck to.


Gunslinger: Weapon 1


Gunslinger: Weapon 2

So as of right now, each unit now has two different weapons they’re able to choose from, but we’d like to increase that number (though it was suggested that instead of characters and weapons, we just focus on more characters… but that’s a different blog post). I’ve talked about our 1-to-2 skill system before, where each unit has a “core skill” that sticks with them, and the other two change out with their weapons.

As mentioned above, the weapons are balanced with each other, and cater to a different playstyle. For example, the Gunslinger has a weapon where he can buff his allies up with safe abilities, or play a little bit riskier and utilize his glass cannon archetype with his second weapon.

Some of the classes are more obviously different with their weapons. For instance, the prospector has two very specific weapons right now: a healer staff, and a caster DPS staff. Again, we’d like to add more weapons later to try to dilute that differentiation a little bit more, to cater to more interesting playstyles.

As expected, the feedback we’ve gotten since the implementation of the second weapons has been incredibly positive. The customization aspect of the game is much stronger now, and players seem to have a pretty even distribution of which weapon they choose for their units.

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