Getting caught up: New squad textures.

So this post is regarding a few things that we’ve had in the game for a while, but due to other, more prevalent topics that I needed to write about, these got pushed to the sidelines and forgotten a little bit.

First things first, we’ve changed our squad textures around! Originally, we had a basic set of textures for our characters, but due to limited time and limited resources (two artists), we didn’t want to create a second, special set of textures for our enemies. As such, we had a temporary placeholder, so there was at least something to visually distinguish between your squad and the enemy’s.



This was fine as a placeholder, but as we got closer and closer to our “ship” date for our gold build, it’s another task that needs to be handled. As such, we picked an easy solution that, both still easily distinguishes teams from one another and was easy on the artists, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing as the red texture. As such, we picked a red and blue team coloring that was simple enough that I could do it in an hour or so.

So this is where we are today:



Since we had red and blue naturally in the character textures, we decided to break them up into red and blue teams, and then simply change the color of the items that were red and blue. As mentioned above, this gives us a very nice looking texture, while still visually differentiating the two teams from one another (not to mention, in a very obvious manner).

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