A quick optimization test: Investigating Draw Calls.

So lets discuss our draw call issue.

Draw Calls are called when Unity needs to paint a texture onto a mesh. The issue that we were having was that each piece of each character was separated, so we were getting over 150 draw calls for each character.

Through a simple test, we were able to find out a few things.


We took a single cube in Maya, and imported it into Unity, and placed it in an empty scene. Unity, by default, uses 1 Draw Call to paint the background, and then THREE (not 1) for each mesh that has a texture.


Then, we took that same cube and duplicated it in Maya, created two separate meshes. We then reimported it into Unity and the blank scene. This resulted in 7 draw calls: 1 for the background, and 3 for each cube; this was the expected result, so no surprises here.


Then, we wanted to see if a simple Maya “Mesh -> Combine” would be enough to make Maya things play nice while reducing draw calls. After combining the two cubes in Maya and reimporting, the draw calls went back down to 4. Therefore, we were able to conclude that combining our character meshes will reduce draw calls and fix a lot of our performance issues.

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